Nikolai Ishchuk

GBP 50

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In 2009 Nikolai Ishchuk began a series of work called “Big Bucks”. In it he took images of some of the world’s most recognizable currencies, printed them analogue in the first instance and then manipulated. The materiality of a universally recognizable object and concept – money – is here abstracted to blur the lines between its imagery, function and signification. The image itself is derived from a real banknote, but alterations to color and size open up questions of the purpose, power and visual identity of the latter.

Nikolai Ishchuk
GBP 50, 2009-2013
Lightjet print, framed in white painted wood
40 x 40 in/102 x 102 cm
Edition 2 of 5 + 2 AP's

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